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Isaac Eshetu Etiyopya'daki darbe olayını değerlendiriyor

Etiyopyalı Gazeteci Isaac Eshetu , Etiyopya'da meydana gelen darbe konusunda görüşlerini TRT WORLD ile paylaştı

Ethiopian Journalist Isaac Eshetu spoke to us about it. The coup seems to be the product of an ultranationalist element in the political arena and they wanted to seize the chance and acquire political power by forcefully organising a deep state structure which was a very dangerous move for the future of Ethiopia. And i am very happy that this coup has been quelled. I believe everyone should stand firm against this and condemn the attacks because this is an attack aganist democracy and the whole democratisation process in Ethiopia.  Ethiopia has been moving towards democracy in the last 14 monhts and many actions that were taken by the goverment were very positive on the side of democracy human rights and inclusiveness. Almost all political prisioners have been released in the country. Even though it's not perfect even though there are stil some problems to take care of like the political arena is now open for compotition. The release of political prisoners and journalists is helping a lot when it comes to the upcoming election because people now are hoping and actually trusting the election thats going to come. In the past elections have been just landslide wins for the goverment and people have never trusted the result of the elections. But right now, people have a hope. So, Ethiopia is definitely on the way to freedom democracy and human rights and such a coup would really endanger all that the country has archieved over the last 14 months.

Tarih: 23.06.2019 11:01